Super Records provides a variety of engagement models in order to suit your firm’s and your business’ requirements. Our staff are completely trained and all qualified accountants and a strong team would be structured and built to handle your business needs. Outsourcing with Super Records means you never have to worry about staff turnover, annual or sick leaves. There’s a back up and the work always gets done.

Here are some of our common engagement models, however, we would encourage you to contact us to see which model may suit your firm.

Fixed Fee Model

In this engagement model, you will be charged a fixed fee regardless of the size of the job, complexity or the number of transactions. A lot of our client go for this model as a trial and move on to a more regular engagement model.

Full- or Part-time Resource/ Team Model

This is a more popular engagement model, where you can hire a single resource or an entire team on a part-time or full-time basis. We have made the entire process extremely transparent – you can monitor the progress of each job on our online portal and answer any queries the resource/team might have.

Part-time resource: You can hire one resource for a few hours a week for a short term or long term to assist your existing team. Daily time sheets are filled in so you know exactly how much time is spent on each job.

Full-time resource: Hiring a full time resource with Super Records is like hiring an employee but without worrying about sick leaves or holidays. A full time resource can assist you or your team on a short term or a regular basis.

Dedicated Team: Depending on the volume of work, Super Records can build your firm a team based on your requirement and staffing needs. You can outsource a variety of jobs or an entire accounting function to the team.